Academic Research and Media Mentions

Here are links to Dr. Mann’s recent publications and media mentions:


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Mann, B. A., Smith, W. C., & Baker, D. P. (2016). Schooling Attainment’s Influence on Internet Adoption: Education’s Role in the Cross-National Development of the Mass-Media Knowledge Gap. In FIRE: Forum for International Research in Education (Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 47-69).

Mann, B. (2016). Homeschooling 2.0. The Wiley Handbook of Home Education, 246.

Mann, B., Kotok, S., Frankenberg, E., Fuller, E., & Schafft, K. (2016). Choice, cyber charter schools, and the educational marketplace for rural school districts. The Rural Educator, 37(3).

Mitra, D., Mann, B., & Hlavacik, M. (2016). Opting out: Parents creating contested spaces to challenge standardized tests. Education Policy Analysis Archives/Archivos Analíticos de Políticas Educativas, 24.

Mann, B., & Barkauskas, N. (2014). Connecting Learners or Isolating Individuals?: The Social Justice Frames in the Cyber Charter Schools in Pennsylvania. International Journal of Cyber Ethics in Education (IJCEE), 3(2), 39-50.

Media Mentions

“More kids are logging on to learn at cyber schools,” July 27, 2017 – Amy Scott – National Public Radio

“Better-Educated Families Less Likely to Choose Pa. Cyber Charters, Study Finds,” – April 28, 2017 -Benjamin Herold – EdWeek

“What cyber charter schools are and why their growth should worry us,” November 30, 2016 – Bryan Mann – The Conversation