About Dr. Mann

Bryan Mann is Assistant Professor of Educational Policy and Foundations at the University of Alabama and holds a PhD in Educational Theory and Policy from Pennsylvania State University. His research agenda seeks to understand when, how, and when not to use schools of choice and alternative models of education as educational policy solutions, as well as how school leaders and policymakers interpret and respond to choice-based developments in their own settings. Dr. Mann has developed perspectives on these topics through research of and teaching in both schools of choice and traditional public schools.

Most recently, Dr. Mann worked with scholars across various departments in Penn State’s College of Education to conduct research about Pennsylvania charter schools. This research included understanding how brick and mortar and cyber charter schools influence enrollment, demographic, and financial trends in traditional public school districts. Research articles from this work have been published in journals such as Educational Policy and reported to the Pennsylvania legislature through a policy report for the Center for Rural Pennsylvania. Dr. Mann’s dissertation developed out of this research and focuses on trends related to online or “cyber” charter schools. His dissertation study explores enrollments and organizational responses to cyber charter schools across Pennsylvania.

Dr. Mann is currently examining contemporary K-12 policy issues as they relate to the Alabama, Southeast, and national contexts. This includes building on his research on charter and cyber charter schools. It also includes projects that explore the intersection between community traits and school organizational development in settings that have school choice policies. Examples of these include exploring the relationship between gentrification and charter schools in urban areas, as well as understanding how emerging charter school models affect both rural and urban school districts.

Dr. Mann began his career as a high school English teacher in New Jersey and taught at a school called Communications High School. During his time at Penn State, he was a teaching assistant for the graduate-level foundations course Social History and Educational Policy and a summer instructor for the undergraduate-level foundations course Education in American Society, both in online and face-to-face settings. Dr. Mann also worked alongside Penn State’s Department of Engineering in the development of one of the University’s first Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Finally, in addition to Dr. Mann’s teaching and research, he participates in a number of other professional activities. These include his most recent position of Managing Editor for the American Journal of Education (AJE) and participation in the American Education Research Association (AERA) and University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA). Additionally, Dr. Mann has consulted for the National Center of Education Statistics and has written academic media articles for outlets such as ajeforum.com and The Conversation.

This website as an outlet for Dr. Mann’s academic research, as well as a place to have an ongoing conversation about topics important to the educational research and policymaking community. This means this is dedicated website to conversations about schools, politics, societal organization, and, most of all, how to create a higher functioning world that creates equity and opportunity for everyone.

Bryan Mann’s CV

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