About Me

Thank you for visiting the website about the work and career of Bryan Mann! I am a PhD candidate in the Educational Theory and Policy program at Penn State University (expected to defend in November of 2016) and study various topics related to school reform and educational policy, charter schools, online learning, and organizational change (advisors: Dr. David Gamson and Dr. David Baker). My dissertation project focuses on the influence that school choice policy has on traditional public schools, particularly through the emergence of cyber charter schools and online learning platforms. I was a high school English teacher at Communications High School in New Jersey and completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Maryland.

I have created this website as an outlet for my academic research, as well as a place to have an ongoing conversation about topics that interest me. This means that I will dedicate this website to conversations about schools, politics, societal organization, and, most of all, how to create a higher functioning world that creates equity and opportunity for everyone. I do my best to embrace all points of view; however, my philosophy is rooted in answering questions through sound research practices. I believe that our performance as a society advances when we take logical, systematic approaches to answering our most important questions.

Bryan Mann’s CV

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