More on Wolf’s Budget

On Wednesday I posted about cyber charters and Wolf’s budget in PA. Today’s post is more general. I had the good fortunes of hearing Randy Albright, Secretary of the Budget, speak on Wednesday night. It is clear that Wolf has plans to pump money back into traditional school districts — a practice much different from that of the previous administration. Some charter enthusiasts think this is the end of charter schools (and cyber charter schools) in PA. I do not think it is that dire, but traditional school districts certainly did get a shot in the arm.

Here is a good PennLive story.

What Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget proposal means for charter schools, your district

Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2015-16 budget proposal revamps charter and cyber school funding, a move one charter school advocacy group said would shut down Pennsylvania’s charter schools.

Charter schools are privately operated public schools, funded by taxpayer dollars funneled from a student’s home school district.

Wolf’s proposed $400 million increase in the state’s basic education subsidy restores a roughly 10 percent charter school tuition payment reimbursement for school districts. The practice of reimbursing districts ended under the tenure of Wolf’s predecessor Gov. Tom Corbett.

Continue reading here.

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