A cyber charter school perspective on Wolf’s PA Budget

Below is a letter that was in PennLive on Monday.

The author fears the Wolf budget will hurt cyber charter school funding and thus undercut this schooling option. I tend to think that the single rate for cyber charter schools is a good policy plan because school districts have got drilled with varied costs. Within this framework the debate becomes: How much is enough for cyber charter schools? Wolf used a formula that does seem to cut the tuition rate drastically. Details of this and other charter school funding conversations can be seen here.

Interesting stuff. This just continues to show the need to dig in and do more exploring about what cyber charter schools do and how much money they really need to operate!

Gov. Wolf’s cuts would destroy cyber charter schools: PennLive letters

Virtually lost in your March 4 story about Gov. Wolf’s education funding proposal are draconian cuts that would gut public cyber schools and destroy the ability for parents to choose the school that is best for their child — two longtime goals of those who favor a status quo system that continues to fail our children. 

It’s clear by his proposal that Gov. Wolf puts the desires of his financial supporters above those of Pennsylvania families and the needs of their children who want to choose a public cyber school that best helps their children. 

I’m sure Gov. Wolf will say he doesn’t want to close public cyber schools, but his budget proves otherwise. Our schools already receive 30 percent less than brick and mortar schools. We are a model for providing a good public school education that is less expensive for taxpayers. But none of that seems to matter to Gov. Wolf. He’s more interested in rewarding his donors, not supporting children who need a different form of public education. 

Gov. Wolf, please don’t treat our children as second-class citizens.

LAURA COFFEY, Chanceford Twp., York County 

The writer teaches in a cyber charter school.

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