Report: Beyond MOOCs: Sustainable Online Learning in Institutions

I want to say a few words about the report “Beyond MOOCs: Sustainable Online Learning in Institutions.”

I agree with the main quote from the executive summary: “The key opportunity for institutions is to take the concepts developed by the MOOC experiment to date and use them to improve the quality of their face-to-face and online provision, and to open up access to higher education. Most importantly, the understanding gained should be used to inform diversification strategies including the development of new business models and pedagogic approaches that take full advantage of digital technologies.”

There has, in my opinion, been less buzz about MOOCs recently. However, we still can learn valuable lessons from them and use them to help us to achieve some of the goals we have with higher education. The report talks about these issues and considers the role for online learning in higher education. It is an interesting read.

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