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You may or may not know that I am one of the managing editors for the American Journal of Education. We offer authors of the peer-reviewed journal the opportunity to write blog about their pieces that appear in the journal. Here is the most recent piece, enjoy:

The Bridge and the Troll Underneath: Summer Bridge Programs and Degree Completion, by Daniel Douglas and Paul Attewell

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  1. University graduation rates in the United States are low in both real and relative terms. This has left policymakers and leaders of these institutions looking for novel solutions, while perhaps ignoring extant but underused programs. This is especially true because college graduation rates are more likely to be law due to a number of reasons. First, financial limitations that students who come from law income families go through. For example, those students feel the sense that the fact that they are from families with law socioeconomic status their chances of graduating at the university are limited. Secondly, some students are simply not academically prepared to tackle life as a college student. One factor that contributes to this phenomena is the fact that when college freshman are admitted at the University, they bring high school tendencies such as poor time management skills, irresponsible when it comes to studying and completing homework assignments, and also prioritizing their social life more than their school work. Thus there is a negative correlation that leads in the direction of flunking college. The third reason is due to part-time and full- time employment. Most college students when they come to college are bombarded with the desire to earn money while attending classed at the same time. For some this balance between employment and schools works, but for others it’s the complete opposite. For those students who choose to work, they usually have job requirements on a daily basis which in most cases creates high levels of stress because they also have to worry about their academics. Thus, this in turns conjures a consideration of whether to pursue their respective studies or to quit and continue working.

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