“Design-Based Research and Educational Technology: Rethinking Technology and the Research Agenda”

I read an interesting article today that makes some really good points. Here is the citation and link:

Amiel, T., & Reeves, T. C. (2008). Design-Based Research and Educational Technology: Rethinking Technology and the Research Agenda. Educational Technology & Society, 11(4), 29-40.

It makes a strong point that some educational reform scholars in general have made, but this article states it through the lens of technology. This point is that asking teachers and schools what their needs are and then co-constructing solutions (in the article’s case, it means sometimes using technology in the process) reforms will produce better results. This also means that our research would have more meaning and real-world applicability. Claims like this make me start to refine my research agenda and how to make it more useful.

Here is the abstract of the article:

The role of educational technologies in improving educational practices and outcomes has been criticized as over-hyped and insignificant. With few exceptions, the state of education has changed less than expected as a result of tools such as computers and the Internet. To a considerable degree, this is due to the minor role educational technology research plays in transforming the use of technological tools in the classroom. This article presents an analysis of technology as a process and as a value-laden system, both of which have substantial consequences to our approach to research. It is argued in the article that design-based research can address some of the deficiencies of other research methods in investigating the role of tools and techniques in the classroom. Through more  democratic research practices and recognizing technology as a system beyond its tools, researchers can increase their impact on educational practice.

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