From the Student Perspective: Experiences of Middle and High School Students in Online Learning

Here is the conclusion of the study:

The data gathered from this study provide insight into middle and high school students’ experiences with and preferences in online learning. Most participants in our sample were fairly new to online school/virtual school (less than two years) and took all classes online. For the most part, participants indicated they liked online classes, seemed satisfied with their interaction with and support from their teachers, and enjoyed the autonomy and flexibility offered by online lessons. However, participants disclosed missing social opportunities and extracurricular activities provided in a traditional school setting.

On the other hand, our data are preliminary, and students’ experiences in online learning should be considered further. Due to limited literature available on K–12 online learning, the authors call for additional research in this area. Topics to be examined in K–12 online learning settings include the experiences, needs, and challenges of K–12 students with disabilities in online learning; students struggling with or unhappy in online learning environments; and social experiences (including bullying) in online learning. By expanding our knowledge of K–12 students in online learning, we can better support the needs of various learners and improve the rapidly growing area of online learning.

You can get the full study here:


Harvey, D., Greer, D., Basham, J., & Hu, B. (2014). From the Student Perspective: Experiences of Middle and High School Students in Online Learning. American Journal of Distance Education, 28(1), 14-26.

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