On the issues Corbett vs. Wolf

This is a pretty superficial overview of the gubernatorial race here in PA, but it is helpful nonetheless. Part about education:

“Corbett does not promise more funding for public schools, and says it is more important to invest education dollars wisely. Corbett sought unsuccessfully to remove the power to authorize charter schools from local school boards to a proposed statewide commission and signed legislation doubling the available tax credits to help public school students pay for private school tuition.

Wolf would increase spending on public schools by $1 billion and seek to increase the state’s share of public school spending to 50 percent of the overall cost from the current level of about 33 percent. Wolf would convene a commission to develop funding formulas for charter schools and cyber charters.”

Read more: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Where-Wolf-and-Corbett-Stand-on-The-Issues-281219941.html#ixzz3HyJMdw2Z
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