“Keep the Lecture, Lose the Lecturn”

You can read an interesting article about engineering and teaching in blended models here.

Here is a pull-quote:

“Classroom hybridization – also called flipping the lecture – is cropping up in engineering curricula throughout the country, from lone instructors experimenting with the approach to department-wide efforts. Says Fisher: “Our students have been exploiting online content for their education for a long, long time, [while] instructors are just beginning to.” The competition from strictly online courses has also had an impact, observes Eric Holloway, managing director of Purdue’s School of Engineering Education.’MOOCs put pressure on all universities to figure out their story on online education.'”


ADHD article which relates to sociology and schooling

Interesting pull-quote:

“Instead, the rapid increase in people with A.D.H.D. probably has more to do with sociological factors — changes in the way we school our children, in the way we interact with doctors and in what we expect from our kids.”


Teacher’s account on testing

Here is an interesting Washington Post column where a teacher relays her experiences and feelings about a test she provided to her Pittsburgh-based classroom:



The questions she references remind me of culturally biased IQ test questions of the early 1900s.