Teach for America Apostates: a Primer of Alumni Resistance

I read an excellent article today that I recommend. It is called: “Teach for America Apostates: a Primer of Alumni Resistance.”

Here are a few memorable quotes:

“Hagopian puts it in stark terms: ‘there was nothing on standardized tests about how to end mass incarceration.'”

“But others have more pressing reasons to swing an ideological hammer at TFA. This year, Chicago Public Schools closed an unprecedented 50 schools and just laid off more than 1,000 educators. Meanwhile, the district has approved a 33 percent increase in new TFA recruits, now numbering 570. This inextricable tangle of TFA and district policy opens the organization up to political critique from those whose livelihoods are threatened by reforms. Chicago special-education teacher Katie Osgood’s fervent open letter to new TFA recruits has gotten more than 75,000 hits. Her message rings with moral urgency: ‘Chicago TFA first year teachers, you MUST refuse these placements.'”