Fast Food and Neoliberalism

I read stuff that is not related to tech education, I promise! For example, here is an interesting opinion article about neoliberal ideals and how they are ineffective in stifling the obesity epidemic in the United States. A good article that provides (pardon the terrible pun) food for thought.

Here is a pull-quote from the article:

“It is a depressing day, however, when the best we can come up with as a solution to the crippling obesity epidemic in the US is to hand over the car keys to McDonald’s and hope that their interests in short-term profits will happen to coincide with healthier food choices. As a historian, I’m not in the habit of engaging in counterfactuals, but if we had taken this tack with the tobacco companies, my guess is that we’d all still be inhaling second-hand smoke at every bar, restaurant and airplane in the country while hearing how much safer “light” cigarettes are.”

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